Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trying out blogger

I've been using a self hosted wordpress blog for a little while now, and whilst I find wordpress a fantastic piece of software looking after a VPS is somewhat of a pain point. I did try to move over to a hosted wordpress account, but unfortunately there were some niggles with that which forced me to delete the account and keep hosting it myself.

  • Cannot install plugins (only works with self hosted installations).
  • Cannot edit site templates / css without paying for an 'upgrade'.
  • I didn't notice any easy domain forwarding built into wordpress like there is with blogger.

I was using a windows tool called Zoundry Raven (now open sourced!) with wordpress, but it also works with blogger out of the box, if all goes well I'll migrate all the posts over... I highly recommend the Raven tool for easy writing and publishing...

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