Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PDC 2009 Session Downloader

So PDC 2009 is all wrapped up and for those of us not lucky enough to attend, we still have the sessions which are available on the PDC site

This would have normally been enough for me, however Frank ( was nice enough to provide a small utility to automatically download the sessions. The utility does work, but it did leave something to be desired (A non blocking UI, ability to choose sessions, etc…) so my OCD kicked in and I just had to do something.

I’ve built a little application which let’s you choose which sessions you want to download, and provide a way to see each downloads progress.



It wasn’t bad for a few hours work, however there’s some nice technology backing it and it’s a fun little solution to try new things inside.

You can find the full source code on bitbucket:

It’s built using Visual Studio 2010 (Beta 2), and you’ll find inside some examples of using:

  • Parallel task library
  • WPF
  • NBehave (BDD) Specifications
  • Caliburn / Prism
  • Windsor IoC with Fluent Configuration
  • Xslt Transforms / DataContract serialising

There’s a few more things I plan to add, but so far I’ve got it downloading my sessions and that’s keeping me happy for now. If you do make any modifications feel to fork it on bitbucket and I’ll merge the changes in.

* Update new version*



  1. Can I point it to a directory where I have downloaded sessions using the bat downloader thingy and have it pick where it left off? And if I quit, can it pick up where it left of when I start the application again?

  2. It currently doesn't support resume, that's something I'll be adding this evening after work as I've had other requests for it :)

    It uses the same naming conventions as the batch downloader thingy, so it should pick up and not overwrite previous downloads.