Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PDC Downloader – Major Bug Fix

Unfortunately the PDC Sessions file the application was using had some corrupted session codes, which meant these sessions could not actually be downloaded. A work mate of mine (Robin Prosch) luckily brought it to my attention (Thanks!).


In order to side step this, the application goes to to get the available sessions and the downloads should now work correctly. I highly recommend getting this update if you want to download any of the affected sessions (there are quite a few!).

The application start up time has taken a couple of seconds hit but its well worth it for getting an up to date list of sessions (and correct!), although I don’t think its likely to change at this point.

Sincere apologies for this one, I wish I’d spotted it sooner!



  1. Hi,

    I downloaded PDC downloader from the link u posted. But Failed to download as it shows following message.

  2. If it falls over it will usually put an exception log out in Logs/date.log. If you copy paste the logs out I can take a look :)

  3. Hi Naeem,
    The error is caused by the program referencing an old version of System.Threading.dll. I found the old version of it online and the program works now. Please include the assembly or update its reference.

    By the way, this program does exactly what I need it to. Thank you for your effort!


  4. Run the app, clicked "Get" and got:
    No any log found.

  5. Thanks for spotting that Sam, a new version has been pushed out for anyone who hasn't got the library installed! Glad to hear your finding it useful, made my day :-)

    Evilshrike - the latest version (update 6) should hopefully work for you!