Sunday, January 11, 2009

A great desktop blogging application

Clearly I'm new to this, but after some googling, and a lovely post comparing some desktop blogging applications I've arrived at w.blogger

Wordpress Desktop Blogging: 5 Tools Reviewed | CenterNetworks

Some of the features I like:

  • Ability to upload images directly to the wordpress media library and link to them.
  • Can either just post, or post and publish directly from the client.

It seems at the time of writing Zoundry did not perform to well compared to the competition, but after trying w.blogger, BlogJet (which doesn't seem to work on Windows Server 2008) and Zoundry Raven (Successor to the original Zoundry in the review) I've really shown a liking towards the latter.


Inserting images is a breeze (just paste them in), the WYSIWYG editor works great (feels similar to using outlook) and the interface is clean and simple. One annoyance is that it doesn't seem to have built in spell checking... but I'm willing to let that slide.

The HTML viewer is formatted nicely and syntax colouring is good and there is tag completion. Overall an impressive product which is donationware, head over to the website for a full list of features and download:

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