Saturday, January 10, 2009

A really inspirational project

Personally I have never been strong at communication, and as a demographic programmers probably share this as a failing.

Recently I was rolled of a project which I was part of for a year, where I learned just how important communication and knowledge sharing is between peers, a big enough lesson for me to attempt to maintain a blog (three previous failed attempts).

Our medium for knowledge sharing was rather retro: emails. But we've learned is that what works - works. Theres no point trying to setup a forum or Wiki if no-one has the patience to use it, with real importance given to activity and participation. The atmosphere and attitude in the email threads we're motivating, inspiring and copious amounts of fun :-)

There's a satisfaction in sharing knowledge, helping others, and hopefully for having a platform to receive feedback from others, so:

My reasons for this blog?

  • Personal dumping ground of information I would like to archive.
  • Keep my peers better updated in what I'm doing.
  • Give Google a chance to index some potential useful information for other coders.
  • Satisfaction in contributing to the blogging community.

It is true that I could maintain a personal Wiki to dump my own useful information and use emails to keep peers updated, but I'm far too lazy (I'm sure you understand) to have to deal with more than one medium.

Why did I write this post? Mainly so I know why I'm maintaining this blog...

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